The Team

Rahisha Lilly 

President & CFO

- Finance Professional with extensive experience in the industry
- Holds a Master's Degree in Finance and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
- Over 20 years of experience in various finance roles
- Expert in tax preparation, payroll management, bookkeeping, and financial coaching
- Successful entrepreneur, owning Worldwide Shipping Inc.
- Part owner of Swave Barber Lounge Inc., showcasing business acumen in the service sector
- Manages a portfolio of Air BNB units, demonstrating proficiency in the real estate market
- Actively involved in philanthropic initiatives, giving back to the community



Vonetta Roblow Grady

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

- Streamlines processes and procedures to ensure efficient delivery of all services
- Brings extensive experience as a tax professional with over 15 years in the industry
- Previously worked for the State of NY for 22 years, gaining expertise in tax, finance, and unemployment
- Possesses in-depth knowledge of tax regulations and compliance requirements
- Utilizes her expertise to optimize operational efficiency and enhance client satisfaction
- Plays a key role in strategic decision-making and implementing effective business strategies
- Committed to delivering high-quality services and ensuring client needs are met
- Brings a strong background in tax and finance to drive the success of More Money Matters Inc.
- With Vonetta's leadership, the company continues to thrive and provide exceptional financial services to clients.

Nueshaun Wilkerson 

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

- Marketing and Promotion Professional with expertise in brand development and brand awareness
- Over 5 years of experience in the field, driving successful marketing campaigns and promotional strategies
- New Media expert, proficient in social media management, website design, graphic design, and various marketing materials such as flyers, posters, business cards, and advertisements
- Utilizes innovative and creative approaches to enhance brand visibility and engage target audiences
- Experienced in developing comprehensive marketing strategies to achieve business objectives
- Owner of Family of Business - The Label Inc., an independent entertainment label
- Successfully manages all aspects of the label, including financial management, marketing, event coordination, and public relations
- Proven track record of launching and promoting multiple music releases, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition
- Collaborates with industry professionals, influencers, and media outlets to enhance brand visibility and secure partnerships
- Committed to delivering exceptional results through strategic planning, market analysis, and effective execution
- Nueshaun's expertise and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to the growth and success of More Money Matters Inc.

Cortney Neal

Senior Tax Professional 

- Senior Tax Professional specializing in the trucking industry at More Money Matters Inc.
- Owner of Global Precision Logistics (GPL), a prominent company in the trucking industry
- Expertise in preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses in the trucking sector
- In-depth knowledge of the unique tax considerations and regulations within the trucking industry
- Provides comprehensive tax planning and advisory services to optimize financial outcomes for clients
- Offers specialized guidance on trucking-related deductions, expenses, and compliance requirements
- Courtney's company, GPL, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking to enter or expand their presence in the trucking industry
- GPL provides comprehensive training and education on all aspects of trucking and brokerage, equipping clients with the knowledge and skills needed for success
- For more information on GPL's services and training programs, please visit



Seishka S. Stone

Experienced Tax Preparer 

- Experienced Tax Preparer at More Money Matters Inc., specializing in providing comprehensive tax preparation services
- Proficient in tax regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring accurate and timely tax returns for individuals and businesses
- Brings a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, delivering exceptional service to clients
- Committed to maximizing tax deductions and optimizing financial outcomes for clients
- Owner of Do It With Shea's Concierge and Events LLC
- Provides specialized services for seniors, including light cooking, cleaning, medication pickup, and more at discounted rates
- Offers concierge services such as pet/housesitting, airport luggage pickup/drop-off, travel arrangements, and more through Do It With Shea's Concierge and Events LLC
- Provides photo booth rental and event setup, breakdown, and cleaning services for various events
- For more information on Seishka's services and to learn more about her offerings, please visit her website at

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